Carrera 3.0 Facts

Did You Know….???

….. that only 173 Carrera 3.0s, verified by their chassis numbers, have been registered over the years with the Porsche Club Great Britain: 46 coupe and 18 targa models from the 1976 model year and 75 coupes and 34 targas from 1977 (a further 33 claim to be Carrera 3.0s but don’t have a chassis number registered). ….. that only 3687 examples of the Carrera 3.0 were produced compared to nearly 58,000 911SCs and 76,500 3.2 Carreras.

….. that the Carrera 3.0 (along with the 2.7 and Turbo) was the first Porsche model to feature the trademark rectangular electrically operated door mirrors that remained a feature of the 911 up until 1992.

….. that the Carrera 3.0, despite a reputation for being a ‘tamed-down’ version of the original 2.7RS and 2.7 Carreras, had almost identical 0-60 and 0-100mph performance figures but was endowed with so much extra torque that it could pull from 25 to 100mph in top gear over 3 seconds faster than either of its production predecessors

…… that the Carrera 3.0’s engine was developed from the power unit of the very rare Carrera 3.0RS, of which only 109 were built. 50 of these cars were uprated to RSR specification and were enormously successful racers in the 1974 and 1975 seasons, winning both the FIA GT Championship and the IMSA Championship each year. For further photos of these fantastic cars you should visit the excellent Porsche 911 RSR Resource Page

…… that former British Rally champion, the great Roger Clark, once owned a Carrera 3.0.

….. the Carrera 3.0 was never officially imported into the United States – the 911S sold there was a variation of the 2.7 litre model with 165bhp. There are a few there now, though!

….. the Carrera 3.0 is unusual in having a 5-blade cooling fan – although it is a popular modification to replace this with the newer 11 blade version.

….. that in contemporary road tests the Carrera 3.0 posted quicker 0-60mph times than the 911 Turbo……

….. The Porsche 911 guru Michael Cotton wrote, in 1985, that as a personal choice, ‘a production Carrera 3.0 with 200 horsepower and a distinctive ‘cam’ effect from 4,000rpm is a particularly nice car to own’ and that two other Porsche gurus, Lindsay Porter and Peter Morgan, once memorably commented that the Carrera 3.0 ‘must rate as one of the most desirable of the 911 family’

…… Carrera 3.0s have raced, and continue to race, extensively and successfully, more than holding their own against newer and more powerful machinery

….. that the Carrera 3.0 is renouned for its free-revving engine. Its mechanicals featured a light aluminium crankcase (also used in the 935), a crankshaft inherited from the Carrera RS and a 6 bolt flywheel…… that the Carrera 3.0 is lighter than it successors, weighing in at 1093kg – making it almost 6% lighter than the SC (1160kg) and almost 10% lighter than the 3.2 (at 1210kg) in standard form. The standard car also weighs less than the later (1987-1989) stripped-down Carrera 3.2 Club Sport which weighed in at 1170kg.
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